Irene’s Aftermath Update 2

Woke up this morning to the news that a house EXPLODED near my girlfriend’s place.  Now, that was interesting….


However the other pretty interesting thing was opening the door to the house at 10:49AM this morning and having a woman ask me if I was No Fear Man.  Awesome…I met someone that reads my blog!….Wait…someone actually read my blog?  Anyway, here is the 10:49AM photo of the street at my parent’s house.


Flooded Street 10:49AM

Parent's street at 6:49AM EST 8/29/11


As time went by I watched the news on the explosion.  Thankfully the family was not home.  Apparently a wall collapsed and took out a gas line.  KABOOM….the house is now a crater.


Went back outside at 3:37PM EST


Flooded Street 3:37PM EST

Parent's street flooded at 11:37AM EST


I’m going to stop this update here but I will do two more updates today.  The next one will be for the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ.  It’s pretty much around the corner from my parent’s house.


BTW….Hello if you’re reading this again!



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